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Senador Flecha Nº 236
Luque - Paraguay

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Agency of Offices Customs officers Almeida is a signature that is born in the face of the necessity of providing an integral attendance to the companies that have competition in the area of External Trade.  

We are in charge of from the Legal Constitution of a society with the inscription in the such pertinent institutions as: Registration Public of Trade, Ministries of Treasury among others.  
We carry out all type of steps in offices or dependences you publish and private, specifically in the environment of the External Trade we carry out the steps of office customs officer, characterized by a strict pursuit that originates from the acquisition of the merchandises until their retirement of the port enclosure.  
We help to the importer to minimize their risks through studies of previous costs, of the evolution of the demand of the product to be acquired, and like we are related with the cameras of Trade, bags of sub-recruitings, being able to contact with the exporters, in such a way to obtain competitive prices, guarantees in the controls of quality, among other necessities of the importer.  

In the area of exports we are in charge of of the preparation of the necessary documents, in function to the requirements of the country importer.

The important thing in this aspect is the possibility of placement of exportable products in the exterior.  
We count a team of professionals that  facilitate the presentation of appropriate projects to the law of fiscal incentives that is the law 60/90, I eat likewise to the demands required to be welcomed to the program of Temporary Admission, etc.  
The honorarium will settle down according to that negotiated with the clients and regarding offices customs officers they will be specified according to the law 220/93.  
The company has a distinctive look since the final objective is centered in the satisfaction of the necessities of our clients, to a fair price and with the advantages of minimizing the intermediation costs.  
In few words but we have the appropriate infrastructure added to a facility of professionals with solid experience in their respective areas,  
"Because you and their company deserve the best service"


  • Offices  

  • Program of Production low Régime of Temporary Admission.   

  • Multure, production Program and development of export of industries Assembly plants.   

  • Development programs to the investment Law 60/90 directed to local and international industries.   

  • Foreign investment.   

  • Law of Customs 2422/04.   

  • Mercosur, Aladi.   

  • Régime of Import and Definitive Export to consumption.   

  • Special régimes with temporary suspension of Tributes Customs officers: Traffic Customs officer, temporary Admission, Deposit Customs officer.   

  • Temporary reexport for substitution of products.   

  • Régimes of Import and Reexport to the and from the Frank Area.   

  • Give consolidation and consolidation of the goods in import and export.   

  • Consultantship and application of refund of taxes (drawback).   

  • Steps and consultations in the face of the authorities customs officers and before the different dependences, and you would Secrete.   

  • Tariff classification.   

  • Offices Customs officers of Export, with making of the whole necessary documentation, like Invoices, Certificates of Origin, Technical and Sanitary Certificates, Packing List.   

  • I pay of taxes and rights


Physical distribution.   
Operative National and International.   
Recruiting and payments to lenders of services.   

Advice in International trade.   
Legal consultantship and accountant.   
Commercial intermediation (Broker, Trading Company).   
I develop of Market.   
Legal and Tax aspects.

If you are Foreign Investor, and it requires information with respect to the development programs for the foreign investment as well as to know the incentives to companies that will carry out export processes based on temporary imports, or in their case through the benefits of the Mercosur, MercoChile, Agreements of Aladi, Bilateral Agreements, MERCOSUR - UE (European Union), and it interests him to invest in Paraguay we have professionals qualified to offer them an efficient service.  

Our experience has demonstrated us that they can decrease time and cost, with consultantship of our company before any decision to invest in Paraguay.

Senador Flecha Nº 236
Luque - Paraguay
+595 984 195 147
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